1.The dust

I have a Macbook pro retina 15″ mid-2014 and from quite a time it’s just overheating. So my first idea was to clean it from all the dust.

You can do it for free at any Apple Store during five years following the purchase, but I didn’t want to go outside so I did it myself.

2.The heat

I was sad when I saw that my computer was still heating until 65-70°C while I wasn’t doing anything on it! Less than 10% CPU (only firefox) and 5go memory. When I make some computation it goes up to 95-100°C with only 15-20% CPU usage.

3.Hard summer

I’m not living in a wilderness or something else, it just happens in my room which is around 22°C. Last summer when I was working and the air-conditioner was down, the computer just became unusable. The CPU usage goes up to 100% while nothing was running (CPU around 60°C as usual), so it was just impossible to run vim in iTerm, so imagine PhpStorm…

I spoke a long time with the Apple support and they didn’t help me : they told me that they had no idea what was happening. So I did what everyone does, I googled the symptoms. Mostly it was happening when people used a second screen or when the room was really hot. The sad part was nobody came with a solution, some told that it was a security to protect the computer, strange because it wasn’t hotter than usual, but it’s possible who knows!

For this part I didn’t find any solution, in September the outdoor heat disappeared and I was able to use the mac again everyday.

4.Change the paste

Here come the second part, I hate having a computer too hot and 65°C is too much when I do nothing! So I decided to change my thermal paste. It’s really simple just follow this tutorial https://fr.ifixit.com/. Then clean the old paste with a cotton stalk. To make is easy to clean just use your computer so the CPU gets hot (30 minutes) and then wait one hour before disassembling the computer.


For the paste I choosed the Thermal grizzly Kryonaut, with 1g you can renew the paste multiple times. It was really easy to apply.


And the answer to “Did it work?” is … YES.

It’s not perfect, but I’m now between 45-50°C, so it’s a 20°C average gain! I have to confess that it still goes up to 90°C (no 100°C anymore) but with the fans at the top speed it’s able to stabilize near 80-85°C, then go down to 45 quickly after the end of the intensive task.

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