The beta Mac and Windows are already months old. Some bugs have been solved, others are still here, but first in few words : what’s really great about it?

I will not describe what is new with the beta, if you want you can read the official blog:


No longer the terminal issue

You remember the time you just start docker in your terminal and then wanted to switch to an other to do something else … but no? Yes the solution was quite simple, just set the environment variables and then “tadam it’s working” but by definition we are lazy, so if it does it for you, it’s better!

Technical progress

It’s the end of the VirtualBox VM, now it’s xhyve, which is really nice. Even more it wraps the native OS X Hypervisor Framework. Nice done guys.

Kitematic is still here

You can still use Kitematic if you want, it’s up-to-date with the beta. However, I really don’t think we need it anymore.

The end of the, go back to

Okay, maybe for some it’s not a big deal, but you can’t ever imagine all the bad things that came from this. All users are not using docker on both a Linux and Mac, which can lead to some incomprehension. I remember (I also did it) using the 192.XX to access an other container because if you try to get it stays inside the container, so the quick and dirty way was to set 192.XX. No more of that, we have to really use the docker network configurations. By the way, a new article will be released on docker-compose with a proper configuration.

Annoying bug

Nothing much to tell on how much amazing is the beta, now it’s time to hit. You can crash a container by stressing its volumes. A simple example:

  • Set up a postgresql, expose the 5432 port and redirect the volume to a local directory.
  • Make a python script which insert a line.
  • Run more than 50 threads (as we are using python, start 50 the script using a shell script) and BAM, the volume umount.
  • Then your postgres instance crash too, and so the container does.

Capture d’écran 2016-05-31 à 9.21.14 PM

The Docker team knows the bug and is working on it.

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